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Harmful Effects of Overeating

By 04/01/2015 Blog

Most of us think of gorging as something funny and fun to do, but it does serious harm to our health. What and how much you eat is the key to one’s health.  Why?  Here is the latest article by one of our technical advisors.

Digestion and Health

Every disease has a cause, always rooted in one’s habit.  One of the biggest and the most common cause is the deterioration of your digestive system, due to overeating and consuming poor quality foods.  We all know about eating low quality foods, so let’s further examine overeating. Overeating is one of the most common causes of a deteriorating digestive system. With poor digestive systems, symptoms are feeling nauseous, feelings of discomfort, dizziness, and weakness in your limbs and legs.  For those with a healthy digestive system, overeating can cause sleepiness or tiredness. Overeating leads to an overload on your body system, causing stress on your stomach, intestines and all of your major organs. Our body contains a limited amount of blood and energy; by overeating all the major organs demand more energy to process and therefore less resources go towards your brain or limbs.

Overeating is Very Harmful!

Overeating actually reduces the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.  Chronic overeating causes deterioration of the digestive system as well as failure of the overall body.  For females, this results in the deterioration of reproductive system and the destruction of moon cycles.  For men, overeating causes a reduction of libido and causes chronic fatigue.

Overeating also causes the deterioration of the digestive system and an increase in toxic build up in one’s body. Instant foods, alcohol, salt, sweet, spicy, and oily foods reduce the digestive ability of one’s body and deteriorates the functioning of all other major organs. This results in toxic build up in one’s body, resulting in weight gain and high blood pressure, narrowing of blood vessels, diabetes and cancer.

Everything must be eaten and drank in moderation, including water.

Even water? In the US, there is a misconception that drinking lots of water will purify one’s body and assist in staying lean.  Is drinking lots of water always good?  No.  Drinking the right amount is good.  If you drink more water than your body can process, it is actually harmful.  Even water has to be digested.  Overeating also applies to water.  The reason is that the body must maintain a pH of 7.4 and your stomach must maintain a certain acidity.  If you drink too much water, it will dilute the acid in your stomach, causing your body’s digestive system to overwork.  If too much water is ingested, you will feel dizzy and have dull headaches.  Even worse is too much COLD water, which will cool your body’s internal temperature, which reduces your immune capabilities.  If your loved ones drink lots of water, cold water, please advise them to drink in moderation and drink it warm.

Overeating and over-drinking is one of the most popularly abused habits that leads to sickness.  Mr. Ben Franklin had it right. Moderation.  Moderation.  Moderation.  In our Self Balancing Food parlance: Balance, Balance, Balance.  Eating Self Balancing food eliminates overeating and returns your digestive system back to health.


By: Dr. Jo Young Kim
Technical Advisor Self Balancing Food, Doctor at Dah Jung Hospital