Our Story

To thoughtfully produce a nutritious dietary supplement of the highest quality,
using commonly available ingredients to democratize nutrition for everybody.
People first. Always.

A few years ago, several renowned Eastern doctors started to recognize a disturbing trend among their presumably healthy clients; they were all suffering from poor nutrition and an imbalance in overall physical health. This problem was pervasive even for those who were quite wealthy and conscious of taking care of their personal health. These doctors, who are considered to be the leading practitioners of Eastern Medicine, quickly realized that the food most people eat today makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE to get the right combination and amount of nutrients for optimum health.

In Western medicine, internal organs are defined anatomically by how they look. But in Eastern medicine organs are defined in terms of their functionality.  This is the basis for Zang Fu or Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Working with a select core of scientists, and drawing upon the principles of this traditional medical philosophy, these doctors developed a formula that focused on making the organs work better to promote general health. This was the birth of Self Balancing Food (SBF).

Originally, SBF was created to treat select groups of patients with severe health problems. But after seeing the remarkable improvement experienced by these clients, the doctors started prescribing the formula for their family members and friends as well.  Soon it became very clear that SBF would be a significant boon to everyone.

In order to produce enough SBF to share with the world, these doctors, along with some business people who believed in their efforts founded New Universe Food, LLC. All of the employees at New Universe Food started their connection with the company as users of SBF. Having experienced its remarkable benefits for themselves, they are all committed to sharing the positive effects of SBF with the world.

For this reason, you could say that New Universe Food, LLC offers consumers the ultimate assurance of a quality product since it’s used consistently by the very people who create it. This intimate connection with the product we make and sell means we take care to make each batch carefully and thoughtfully. We love SBF. We’re sure that you will too.

Technical Advisors

  • Lee, Jee Won MD President DaeJung Hospital
  • Jung, Jee Won MD Surgeon Doctor’s Me Cosmetic Surgery Hospital
  • Shinn, Jee Hae MD Edis Women’s Hospital
  • Yoon, Mee Rah phD Researcher Seoul University Science Research and Professor Oulsan University
  • Suh, Jung Bok MDe Vice President Daejung Hosptial
  • Oh, Jee Suk MDe Bah Run Moam Eastern Hospital
  • Yoon, Jung Jeh MDe Sang Gee Eastern Hospital
  • Lee, Sang Yul phD Professor Pusan University, Oncology
  • Chung, Mi Young phD Researcher Neurochemist