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Self Balancing Food Organic Grain (SBF Grain) is a nutritious, ultra low-calorie powdered drink mix. It is made from 10 natural, organic, sprouted grains and beans, designed to complement Self Balancing Food Organic Vegetable and carefully crafted with ingredients to provide vitamins and minerals sourced purely from nature – nothing fortified. Following the tenets of Traditional Eastern Medicine, SBF Grain was created to improve and maintain balance for the body’s 5 major and 6 supporting organs. When your internal health is in order, you can have a strong, healthy, and beautiful body.

60 servings
Shelf Life: 12 months

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Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 13 in

What is SBF Grain

Self Balancing Food Organic Grain (SBF Grain) is a simple mixture of 10 powders made from organic sprouted beans and grains. That’s it. Nothing else added, nothing taken away. It can be consumed with your favorite drink or mixed into any recipe.

Grains are nature’s gift of energy. They naturally and simply provide energy and healing power that our bodies need. Each grain has its own special character, which sprouting supercharges. We select the finest grains and beans, sprout them in small batches and mix them following an ancient Eastern medicine formula, into a highly nutritious drink you can enjoy with convenience.

What nutrients are in SBF?
Where we get our ingredients is important. We source our ingredients from farms as much as possible. We also test each grain and bean for color, flavor and taste to ensure production of highly nutritious SBF. Each ingredient has its own precious, unique nutrition properties that provide special benefits to your body. Specific nutritional benefits are highlighted in the ingredient section.

The secret behind SBF sprouted grains.
When whole grains sprout, they increase in enzyme and nutrient content and also build new nutrients. During the sprouting process, protein, amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals, fibers and other nutrient content increases. Furthermore, the hull becomes softer, allowing the enzymes to activate in the body for improved metabolism and the minerals to be more easily absorbed. Thus this makes for a very useful supplement for modern people who are lacking in enzymes.

How does SBF Grain taste?
Because SBF Grain is simply the natural ingredients made into powder, it is nutty, rich and aromatic. If you were to wash each of the 10 grains and beans 3 times, soak them in water for hours (changing the water every 3 hours) until they sprout, lightly roast them, and mill them into fine powder, you will have SBF Grain. SBF Grain does not contain any artificial flavoring agents, additives, preservatives, or colors.


High quality organic grains give you natural and healthy energy – energy to thrive and to heal. Because Self Balancing Food Grain is sprouted, your body will enjoy higher absorption of nutrients (almost 4 times more) than consuming regular grains and beans.

SBF Grain’s powder form enhances digestion. Most of us do not chew properly, which makes our stomach work harder, putting stress on all 5 major and 6 minor organs (The stomach is the only organ that strains all the other organs when it gets stressed).

People who have been eating SBF Grain experienced:

  • Improved blood circulation with decreased numbness or pain
    • Good blood circulation prevents illness from occuring, so we selected highly nutritious ingredients for cleansing the blood and aiding its circulation.
    • Body temperature warms up evenly throughout the body (sign of good circulation)
  • Increased energy and decreased fatigue, so body becomes lighter
  • Clearer and sharper eyesight
  • Improved immunity – alleviation of allergy and cold symptoms
  • Control of food intake and fewer cravings for junk food make excess fat disappear
  • Smoother skin
  • Fewer menstrual and premenstrual symptoms, easier menstrual cycles
  • Lessened toothaches and strengthened gums

SBF Grain is great for everyone, especially important for:

  • Picky eaters (children and adults)
  • People who are unable to eat a balanced diet
  • People who have become weaker due to accumulated fatigue
  • People whose blood is full of toxins and whose blood does not circulate well
  • People with a weak immune system

Balance Your Body

What does it mean to balance the body? Are you curious?

Lighter Body from Complete Nutrition
SBF Grain balances and harmonizes the body’s health and actually lightens the body. It is the most evolved diet. It’s not just about skipping meals or eating less. By delivering the necessary nutrients to each organ, the body’s energy is maintained and balance is achieved. It is the lightest diet that gives your body what you need and excretes what it doesn’t need.

Confidence in how it’s made
The SBF Grain is produced using only traditional methods.  If the cooking process was not available 100 years ago, we do not use it.  From sourcing each ingredient to milling, SBF Grain is made using healthy processes in combination with today’s quality control techniques.  You can be confident that Self Balancing Food Grain is made to highest quality.

Convenient Food
You mix the powder into warm water and can conveniently eat this anytime anywhere like a shake. SBF was designed to be a complete, convenient solution that you can carry around as a meal replacement or supplement. SBF Grain and Vegetable taken together is currently even being used as a meal substitute for children. With SBF, you don’t have to skip meals in between your busy schedule anymore.

Worried that dieting could harm your health?

Healthy, cost effective diet plan:
Many people try to shed the pounds through strict diets, juice detoxes, or even starvation. However, such dieting strains the body. Minimal eating that is close to starving puts your body in danger and accelerates the deterioration of your health. And if you exercise in addition to starving, you may lose weight, but your organs will be hurt drastically and unable to function properly. Such diets can bring malnutrition, dehydration, brain impairment, muscle deterioration, slowing of metabolism and irregular blood sugar levels.

However, SBF Grain with Vegetable considers all the nutritional needs of your body while being low in calorie. The formula is designed to maximize the efficiency and nutritional value of every single calorie. So you can succeed in your diet while still maintaining your health and proper organ function.

Dieting is also expensive. Buying all of the separate organic ingredients for meals along with supplements can add up. Try making this at home. It will cost you more than purchasing our quality controlled and certified Self Balancing Food.

SBF is an affordable but healthy, nutrition-packed diet plan for those who love and respect their bodies.


Start a healthy diet anywhere, anytime without supplements – just by drinking SBF.

Serving Instructions
Enjoy a quick spoonful anywhere anytime for a convenient, nutritious diet full of sprouted grains.

One package covers breakfast and dinner for 30 days.

How do you eat SBF?

  1. Mix 1.5 ounces of SBF Grain with 8 ounces of water in a glass or shaker bottle.
  2. Stir or shake well.
  3. Enjoy a simple and nutritious drink!


How many times should I eat SBF Grain?
It is best to eat SBF Grain with SBF Vegetable 2-3 times a day. You can also enjoy SBF when you feel hungry between meals.

How much do I eat each time?
Consume 1.5 ounces, or 3 heaping tablespoons for each serving.

What’s the difference between SBF Grain, SBF Vegetable, and SBF C3?
You can think of SBF Vegetable as the car fluids that help maintain the smooth operation of the machinery and SBF Grain as the oil that fuels the car. When you take both, you can eat just SBF as a meal in itself. But as SBF Vegetable is only part of the story, it is great as a dietary supplement. Of course, since SBF Vegetable is completely natural, you can take this supplement 2-3 times a day. It is most important to always listen to your body and see what works for you.

  SBF C3 SBF Vegetable SBF Grain
10 Organic Vegetables  
10 Organic Sprouted Grains  
11 Organic Fruits    


How is SBF Grain different from other grain products?
SBF Grain uses 10 highest quality organic ingredients.  We also sprout every ingredient, using traditional (laborious) methods to extract highest nutritional value naturally.  It takes one full week to produce one batch of SBF Grain.

How is SBF Grain made?
Retaining each ingredient’s nutrition is our highest priority, so we created a systematic method for crafting SBF Grain. First, each grain is washed 3 times, soaked in organic apple cider vinegar, rinse 3 times, sprouted, dried at a low temperature, roasted to golden brown perfection, and milled into fine powder. Second, we blend the 10 grain powders according to our proprietary formula, using state of the art mixing technology to create the most nutritious food, SBF Grain.

What do I mix SBF in?
SBF can be mixed in water, smoothies, juices, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, or other beverages of your choice. Adding banana, honey, aronia extract, coconut oil, or other ingredients will add to the nutrition and flavor.

Can I eat only SBF Grain for the whole day?
Self Balancing Food Grain is a companion product to Self Balancing Food Vegetable. Taken together, they provide perfectly balanced nutrients equivalent to a meal.

I get gas when I eat this. Is this supposed to happen?
The gas occurs as part of the process of expelling the bad bacteria out of your system. There are some people who experience this temporary healing effect as the organs start to balance out with the proper nutrition, so it is nothing to worry about.

When you eat SBF regularly, the toxins in your body will be cleared out and replaced with nutrients, so such symptoms will gradually decrease.

Tip: You can take fish oil in conjunction with SBF Grain to offset the gas.

Can I mix SBF Grain in water beforehand and drink it later?
SBF is an incredibly natural food. Like all healthy and natural food, it spoils quickly, as there are no chemicals or preservatives in SBF Grain. Once you mix the powder with water, be sure to consume within an hour at most. Consider seafood or fresh, organic cut fruit. Such healthy foods spoil very quickly. SBF Grain is no different.

Are there any preservatives?
SBF does not contain any artificial ingredients, flavoring agents, or preservatives.

It is great for baby food or children’s meals.

When is the expiration date for Grain?
12 months from the manufacture date. The expiration date is stamped on the bottom of the package.

Please contact us at New Universe Food for any additional questions.

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