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Confidence, Convenience, Complete Nutrition

Self Balancing Food Organic Vegetable (SBF Vegetable) is a nutritious, ultra low-calorie powdered drink mix. It is made from whole, organic vegetables with pure vitamins and minerals sourced from nature – nothing fortified. Following the tenets of Traditional Eastern Medicine, SBF Vegetable was created to improve and maintain a balanced system for the body’s 5 major and 6 supporting organs. When your internal health is in order, you can have a strong, healthy, and beautiful body.

Fire up your journey to health with SBF Vegetable!

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What is SBF Vegetable?

Self Balancing Food Organic Vegetable (SBF Vegetable) is a nutritious, ultra low-calorie powdered drink mix. It is made from whole, organic vegetables and loaded with pure vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and prebiotics sourced from nature – nothing fortified. Following the tenets of Traditional Eastern Medicine, SBF Vegetable is a unique formula that strengthens and balances your body by providing all the essential nutrients to the 5 major and 6 supporting organs. When your internal health is in order, you have a healthy digestive and excretory system, which makes illness impossible leaving room for a beautiful, healthy, radiant you!

What nutrients are in SBF?
We are told to eat lots of vegetables, and a large variety of vegetables as no single vegetable or fruit provides all of the nutrients we need to be healthy. There’s even a saying, “Eat the rainbow.” Since every vegetable brings its own benefits to the table, the variety of vitamins and  minerals combined offers true balance and amazing healing powers. But with the load and stress from work and family life, it can be difficult to prepare that “rainbow” our bodies need to be healthy. So we have taken care of that problem for you by producing SBF Vegetable. We have carefully selected 10 vegetables based on ancient Eastern medicine text to boost the energy flow and expel illness from the body. You can enjoy one drink and receive an entire collection of proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and prebiotics that are naturally found in the vegetables. Spend less time agonizing while cooking vegetables and spend more time enjoying life!

How does SBF Vegetable taste?
SBF Vegetable is a mixture of natural ingredients in its natural powder form.  If you were to juice vegetables, it would taste like SBF Vegetable. SBF Vegetable does not contain any artificial flavoring agents, additives, preservatives, or colors. This is what sets our product apart and makes it honestly 100% organic and natural.

As garlic and onion are incorporated in their natural forms, the taste is a little more bitter than conventional mixed beverage powders. So if you have a sensitive palate or weak stomach and are trying this for the first time, it may be difficult. Start with half the recommended amount and gradually increase how much you eat. You can also mix SBF Vegetable into almond milk or juice to make it taste better.

When your body finds its balance after consistent consumption, both your body and your taste buds will enjoy the taste of SBF Vegetable.


SBF Vegetable provides all of the body parts and organs with enough necessary nutrition to keep all of our systems healthy to prevent illness before illness sets in.

When you eat the right combination of essential vegetables, you receive the key nutrition that maximizes the functioning of our internal organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, pancreas, stomach, and intestines as well as other body organs like the brain, eyes, nose, and ears. This translates to healthy blood pressure, strong immune system, gastrointestinal health, anti-diabetes, better vision, healthy weight, and strength against cardiovascular disease, cancer, and aging.

People who have been eating SBF Vegetable have experienced:

  • Good blood circulation with decreased numbness or pain
    • Good blood circulation prevents illness from occurring, so the most nutritious ingredients for cleansing the blood and aiding in its circulation has been included.
  • Good digestion and smooth, easier excretion of solid and liquid waste from body
    • A healthy digestive and excretory system makes illness impossible, so SBF Vegetable contains nutritious foods that best aid digestion and excretion.
  • Body temperature warms up evenly throughout the body
  • Increased energy and decreased fatigue, so body becomes lighter
  • Clearer eyes and sharper eyesight
  • Improved immunity – alleviation of allergy and cold symptoms
  • Control of food intake, less cravings for junk food, so excess fat disappears
  • Smoother skin
  • Fewer menstrual and premenstrual symptoms, easier menstrual cycles
  • Lessened toothaches and stronger gums

SBF Vegetable is precious to everyone, and especially precious for the following:

  • Picky eaters (children and adults)
  • People who cannot eat enough vegetables or fruits
  • People who are unable to eat a balanced diet
  • People who have become weaker due to accumulated fatigue
  • People whose blood is full of toxins and whose blood does not circulate well
  • People with a weak immune system

Balance Your Body

Lighter Body from Complete Nutrition
SBF Vegetable balances and harmonizes the body’s health and actually lightens the body. It is the most evolved diet. It’s not just about skipping meals or eating less. By delivering the necessary nutrients to each organ, the body’s energy is maintained and balance is achieved. It is the lightest diet that gives your body what you need and excretes what it doesn’t need. This is SBF Vegetable.

Complete Confidence
At New Universe Food, our mission is “to thoughtfully produce a nutritious dietary supplement of the highest quality, using commonly available ingredients to democratize nutrition for everybody. People first. Always.” We only source organic ingredients of the highest standards and use the finest practices in crafting SBF Vegetable. We offer consumers the ultimate assurance of a quality product since it’s used consistently by the very people who create it. We love SBF. We’re sure that you will too.

Convenient Food
You can mix the powder into warm water and conveniently eat this anytime anywhere like a shake. SBF was designed as a complete, convenient solution that you can carry around as a meal replacement or supplement. SBF is currently even being used as a meal substitute for children. With SBF, you don’t have to skip meals in between your busy schedule anymore.

Prevents Binge Eating
The SBF Vegetable diet functions to feed your body all the nutrients it needs while balancing the entire organ system. This prevents binge eating. Binging due to hunger, malnutrition, or stress is the biggest enemy when dieting. When you drink SBF, your body will feel light, yet satisfied since it is filled with an abundance of complete nutrition from 10 vegetables. When you eat SBF Vegetable before meals or as a snack in between meals, you won’t end up binging or yo-yoing when dieting.

Worried that dieting could harm your health?

Healthy, cost effective diet plan:
Many people try to shed the pounds through strict diets, juice detoxes, or quite simply starvation. However, dieting strains the body. With minimal eating that is close to starving, the body falls into danger and one’s health can deteriorate quickly. And if one pushes exercise on top of starvation, you may lose weight, but after the diet, organs can be detrimentally hurt and unable to function properly. Such diets can bring about malnutrition, dehydration, brain impairment, muscle deterioration, slowing of metabolism and irregular blood sugar levels.

However, SBF Vegetable considers all nutritional needs of the body while being low in calorie. This is because the formula is designed to maximize the efficiency and consumption of every single calorie. So you can maintain your health while succeeding with your diet and provide optimal health for your organs to operate properly.

Dieting is expensive. Buying all of the separate organic ingredients for meals along with supplements can add up. But at $1.33 per organic, healthy, nutritious meal, you can save money while going on the ultimate diet, SBF Vegetable.


Cures the heaviness and bloating of the stomach
Because SBF Vegetable has various, quality ingredients based on ancient oriental medicine texts, it helps your stomach feel better and lighter after overeating. If you wake up with an upset stomach, try SBF Vegetable.

SBF is a healthy, nutrition-packed diet plan for those who love and respect their bodies.

SBF Vegetable contains not only fiber, but also various vitamins and minerals from the freshest ingredients. Although SBF Vegetable is low in calorie, since every nutrient is maximized and used by the body, you will feel a heightened level of satisfaction.

SBF Vegetable is not just a diet, it is a health food that protects and builds your health.


Start a healthy diet anywhere, anytime without supplements just by drinking SBF.

Serving Instructions
Enjoy a quick spoonful anywhere anytime for a convenient, nutritious diet full of vegetables.

One package covers breakfast and dinner for 30 days.

How do you eat SBF?

  1. Mix 0.5 ounces of SBF Vegetable with 8 ounces of water, juice, almond milk, rice milk, soy milk, etc. in a glass or shaker bottle.
  2. Stir or shake well.
  3. Enjoy a simple and nutritious drink!

SBF Vegetable is also a simple way to boost your daily smoothie to balance your entire system!


How many times should I eat SBF Vegetable?
It is best to eat SBF Vegetable 2-3 times a day. You can also enjoy SBF when you feel hungry between meals.

How much do I eat each time?
Consume 0.5 ounces or 1 heaping tablespoon for each serving.

How is SBF Vegetable different from other shake powders?
It is nearly impossible to take in all the nutrients the body needs from our current diets. The key strength of SBF Vegetable is that it contains a thoroughly balanced amount of all essential nutrients that cannot be compared to any other food. SBF Vegetable provides essential vitamins and minerals from naturally sourced vegetables. Nothing artificial is added to fortify the formula. The recipe for SBF mixes the perfect ratio of different vegetables according to their specific properties to feed and balance the entire organ system. This fuels our health from the inside out. It is a distinctive product that contains a healthy proportion of fat, protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins.

How is SBF Vegetable created?
Retaining ingredient nutrition is our highest priority, so we created a systematic crafting method for SBF Vegetable.

We gather vegetables which have been dried at a low temperature and milled into powder and blend 10 powders according to our proprietary formula using state of the art mixing technology to create the most nutritious food, SBF Vegetable.

What do I mix SBF in?
SBF can be mixed in water, smoothies, juices, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, or other beverages of your choice. If you add banana, honey, aronia extract, coconut oil, or other ingredients, it will add to the nutrition and flavor.

What’s the difference between SBF Vegetable, SBF Grain, and SBF C3?
You can think of SBF Vegetable as the car fluids that help maintain the smooth operation of the machinery and SBF Grain as the oil that fuels the car. When you take both, you have full nutrition so it can be a meal in itself. When taken alone, SBF Vegetable is a great dietary supplement.

  SBF C3 SBF Vegetable SBF Grain
10 Organic Vegetables  
10 Organic Sprouted Grains  
11 Organic Fruits    


I get gas when I eat this. Is this supposed to happen?
The gas occurs as part of the process of expelling the bad bacteria out of your system. There are some people who experience this temporary healing effect as the organs start to balance out with the proper nutrition, so it is nothing to worry about.  When you eat SBF regularly, the toxins in your body will be cleared out and replaced with nutrients, so such symptoms will gradually decrease.

Tip: You can take fish oil in conjunction with SBF Vegetable to offset the gas.

Can I mix SBF Vegetable in water beforehand and drink it later?
SBF is an incredibly natural food. Like all healthy and natural food, it spoils quickly, as there are no chemicals or preservatives in SBF Vegetable. Please consume once you mix powder with water, at least within one hour. Please remember that healthy food spoils very quickly, i.e. seafood, fresh organic cut fruit. SBF Vegetable is just like this.

Are there any preservatives?
SBF does not contain any artificial ingredients, flavoring agents, or preservatives.

It is great for baby food or children’s meals.

When is the expiration date for Vegetable?
12 months from the manufacture date. The expiration date is stamped on the bottom of the package.

Please contact us at New Universe Food for any additional questions.

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11 reviews for SBF Organic Vegetable (30 Day Supply)

  1. 5 out of 5

    Miracle DrinkSBF is a staple in my life!!! It’s my miracle drink!!
    It is extremely convenient, especially when you are on the go and live a fast paced life.
    I always eat it in the morning and my morning cravings for sweets have diminished greatly!! I feel full and satisfied after I have it.
    I had Reynolds disease(which runs in my family) but after having SBF my hands and feet are finally warm again!!! As a nurse, I always felt uncomfortable to shake others hands because they would comment on how cold my hands were. Something I thought I would have forever, really disappeared!!
    I also have lost stubborn back fat/bra bulge from SBF without weights or any other exercise.
    I no longer am constipated, which I had experienced periodically in the past.
    Overall, I think my health has improved greatly just by incorporating this drink into my life.
    Highly recommend it.

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  2. 5 out of 5

    Weight Loss-- Roberto Paradis
    For many years, my weight has fluctuated up and down. If I exercise and follow a dieting regime, I would lose some weight and feel a little better. However, as soon as I get busy at work my entire exercising routine and good eating habit would disappear. It was disappointing because I could not manage to keep my weight at a certain level satisfactory to me. I am very mindful of my family history of diabetes and other high diseases. In fact, my doctor has recently diagnosed me with high cholesterol. He strongly recommended that I lose some weight to avoid a potential heart attack. I am 5 ‘9 tall and weighed approximately 220 pounds at the time.

    I went to a gathering at my alma mater, and this familiar face approached me, with warm smiles, but I cannot recall who he was. I was shocked when I realized it was a old friend who used to obese. He told me about the benefits of eating Self Balancing food to me. I admire how handsome he look, very slim and in great shape. In about six weeks, I lost more than 30 pounds returning to the weight that I have when I was 25. I can work now for four and six hours straight without the need to take a break. My stomach feels empty but all my organs are well nourished so I am always full of energy. Self Balancing Food has been a blessing to me. My doctor could not believe it, but my cholesterol is at normal level now. I am at peace with myself because I don’t have to worry anymore about potential heart diseases. In addition, I never have to worry again about gaining weight. My friends and colleagues at work tell me that I look ten years younger. My boss is impressed as well since my production at work has increased too since I am extra energetic. Many of them are eating Self Balancing Food now and are amazingly pleased with the results. Anyone who is serious about living a healthy life should truly try SBF.

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  3. 5 out of 5

    SAVED TIME AND MONEYWith a busy schedule, I don’t really have the time or energy to cook. But since I had to eat, I had to shop and cook. Also, because I wanted to eat healthy, I would spend hours going to the grocery store, buying at least 20 different ingredients, washing, prepping, cooking, eating, and cleaning up after. I also agonized over what I should cook, spending hours poring over different recipes online. I would even spend lots of money trying to buy organic ingredients. Sometimes I didn’t have time to use up all of those different ingredients, so I would end up chucking out the rotten spinach and zucchini while feeling guilty for wasting food. But with SBF, I don’t have worry about any of that and can still take in 20 different healthy grains, beans, and vegetables every single day! If you do the calculations, one SBF meal comes to $1.67, which is a way cheaper alternative. It’s cheaper than fast food and much healthier too.

    I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU SBF for all of these amazing changes in my body and lifestyle.

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  4. 5 out of 5

    GLOWING SKIN3 months on Self Balancing Food (SBF), I noticed how much my skin had cleared up. I had always had little red bumps on my cheeks and I could never get rid of them. I was so sensitive to lotions and makeup that I could not use anything cheaper than the expensive Shiseido line, easily spending $200 per trip to the store. I could not even use cover up or BB Cream since my skin would react and flare up with more blemishes, bumps, and even pimples. But those problems have all disappeared. In fact, my skin has become blemish free, looks dewy and hydrated while feeling soft and silky. This is true not only for my face, but my entire body. My elbows that were always ashy and white are now moisturized and I don’t even have to put on lotion. My heels would always crack and every night I had to rub on a special peppermint balm for cracked heels, but now I don’t even have to bother with that.

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  5. 5 out of 5

    WEIGHT LOSSI took SBF mostly twice a day, once for breakfast and once for dinner. Some days I even took it three times a day since it made me feel so light. The amazing thing about SBF is that even though each serving (serving that includes 30 grams of SBF grain and 15 grams SBF veggie) comes out to only 304 calories, I was completely satisfied and didn’t crave for more food. After 3 months on the SBF, I lost 10 pounds, going from 126 to 116 pounds, which is the lightest I have been since college.

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  6. 5 out of 5

    EFFECTIVE DETOX & IMPROVED DIGESTION (This part of the review is not for the weak of stomach)After taking SBF for just a week, I noticed the change in my bowel movement. I was literally going to the bathroom for the number 2, 3 times a day. It was as if all of the toxins lining my colons were being purged out. After a few weeks of this though, I went down to a healthy twice a day.

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  7. 5 out of 5

    MORE ENERGYAfter a couple of weeks on SBF, the immediate effects I noticed was how much more energy I had. I work pretty long hours and usually got groggy and sluggish easily. But after drinking SBF, I have become a lot more energized. When I get tired, I even take another glass of just SBF veggie as it rejuvenates me.

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  8. 5 out of 5

    Top 5 Benefits-- Sue
    My Top 5 Benefits of Self Balancing Food:
    More energy. Glowing Skin. Effective Detox/Improved Digestion. Saved Time and Money.

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  9. 5 out of 5

    Amazing Food--Jeongwon
    “I live with my daughter, son-in-law, and my two granddaughters and our entire family eats SBF diligently because we have seen and felt the wonderful effects. My granddaughter had a heart transplant when she was just a baby, and all of her daily immune suppressors she has to take affected her immune system terribly. She was so weak and would get sick every week so we had to rush her to the ER. But after months on SBF, the entire family saw her getting healthier, and her immune system got stronger. Now she only gets sick a couple of times a year. But it is nothing like before. I am so grateful for such a product that could help my precious granddaughter live a healthy and happy life. Our whole family is so happy to have found a premium quality product that we can trust enough to eat daily to keep us nourished and healthy.

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  10. 5 out of 5

    Great for eating when traveling--Monica
    I travel abroad often for business and the change in water, diet, environment affected my bowel movements that made me extremely uncomfortable and irritable. However, after learning about SBF Vegetable from my daughter, I decided to try it and it worked really well. It was so convenient, inexpensive, and I was able to have bowel movements daily. Now I take my SBF Vegetable with me wherever I go. I am really happy with its positive effects on my body.

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  11. 5 out of 5

    Lightness in stomachI really like eating SBF twice a day. I take this for breakfast and then for dinner along with a light salad or fish. I enjoy SBF because it keeps me from overstuffing myself and it makes my stomach feel lighter. It also helps me go to the bathroom every day.

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